Nostalgic Conversation

Remember those times when people from the Middle East were considered terrorists, and the U.S. would kill them just because they looked “Muslim”? I even dated one. Not a terrorist, a Middle Eastern. It was kinda cool; I felt so multicultural and open minded. It was still a little bit scary to see a Muslim with long beard and a turban in the airport, though. I always felt safe, however. I knew that they were going to be stopped for a “random” security check. Question: Where there any Christians in the Middle East?

And do you remember when white people loved to go to the third world to build schools, teach English, and feed the poor? They were so fortunate of having those vacation experiences. It was truly amazing to hear their life-changing stories. I don’t think they sell those packages anymore.

I remember once I went to this really famous museum in the non-third world, and it was insane. I.N.S.A.N.E, seriously. They had rooms and rooms and more rooms full of artifacts and objects from so many places. They even had hundreds of Mayan and Aztec pieces. I don’t really know when the Mayans and Aztecs visited those lands and gave their creations away. Yet, it was a really nice gesture.

Oh and when it was anti-Semitic to criticize Israel for killing Palestinians. Does Palestine still exist, by the way? Or when the U.S. was funding all those dictatorships and paramilitaries, but we called them democracies and armies. Our language was so ridiculous, full of rhetoric and political correctness. And when the indigenous people were the “pride” of our countries, especially in Latin America, yet they were the most marginalized. Or when people were against same-sex marriage. Damn! People were nosy back then.

Those were crazy times. I’m glad they are over. I wonder what insanities are about to come.