Infinite Century

The piano keys go up and down reaching a crescendo. I’m about to reach it, too. This hate and madness that spring from pain and love dance among musical notes that carry human existence at its purest. I am alone with my thoughts and the piano song.

If there is a God, I pray to him to take me in his arms and wrap me in a veil of delusion. Cover my eyes, kill my sight, and I will never look back again. I will kneel to my master and honour his self-appointed supremacy. It is my blood what will bring him more power and impunity. He will drink it and breath my powerlessness while he dwells in his kingdom of freedom, for it’s my blood which gives him freedom.

Burn the posters and the people’s flag; take out the AK-47s and torture techniques. Persevere. Silence will eventually come. Be careful, silence in the human mind is the trigger that pulls the questioning. Posters will expose your techniques and flags will stop your bullets. Don’t fear; silence will always come back.

The land is vast and dry, traces of the past were blown by the wind making us believe that nature was on their side. The lives that once vibrated within phosphorescent grasses disappeared and died in a silence that hasn’t pulled any trigger. Our guns didn’t have gunpowder.

How silly of us to think that they could love! How existentially devastating to believe that they could see a trace of DNA in us.