Ode to the job I’ve never had









Every night I look for you as if you were about to become that “dream come true.” Then I realize that you’re only a job, a new sentence on my resume, a step on the ladder of success. For me though, you are more than that. You’re the confirmation that I’ve a passion, you’re that spike that forces me to wake up and continue with my daily struggle.

But then again, you’re only a job, the perfect excuse to postpone the necessity of stability and love. I’m in love with you and even though I’ve always been a cheater, no man will come between us. You’re not a job, you’re the world where words and I dance together all night long trying to create that story that will destroy barriers and shed light. True, it will just be another story amid the pile of published and forgotten stories. Nevertheless, it will be our story, that in which we constantly fought for the simple act of transmitting a new way of life.