La border

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Panels of corrugated steel determine the ‘there’ and ‘here,’ the ‘them’ and ‘us.’ High rust-colored steel bars divide the sea, disrupting waves and separating families. Your right to dream, to love, to fight for a better life has been criminalized, as well as the color of your skin and the origin of your soul. You have been betrayed by your land and your own blood; we all have turned our backs on you.

We all dream with freedom. We picture that beautiful bird flying the skies, shaking its wings to the rhythm of its own existence. The never ending path is right in front of us, waiting to be walked. Nothing will stop you, not even a fence. You’re determined to become someone as if your mere existence were not enough.

It is the point where two countries meet, and where those “who look kind of Mexican and also kind of poor” are potential terrorists and drug smugglers. It is the place where dreams can kill and ideologies surpass the value of life.

It is the motherfucking border, and not even the God in whom they trust and the saints to whom we entrust ourselves, can protect you. Once you cross it, you will become illegal, and your life a forbidden journey originated by the neglection from your homeland and the rejection from your destination.

Let’s all stand up and salute the “Land of Freedom”, just make sure to stay behind the fence.

Special thanks to Anthony for driving me to the border.