Atemporal Time

mid-twenties' perspective on life

mid-twenties’ perspective on life

Things tend to fall apart, and if you’re in your mid-twenties, this happens more frequently that what you expected or wanted. The so-called “mid-twenties” is not only a period of time in your life, but is also a popular excuse and answer. Things are harder when you are in your mid-twenties, we like to think.

This age range is also atemporal. Yes, I’ve heard people who are in their thirties who still consider themselves to be in their mid-twenties. I’m 28 and I’m getting tired of being associated with this category. It kinds of reminds me of that time of my life when I lived in Williamsburg, interned at a cool political magazine (yes, I was an intern), and justified any sign of ‘failure’ with “there’s a freaking economic crisis going on!” or “but I just graduated (sad face)”.

It’s true that we don’t have the same milestones that our parents or grandparents had. Yeah, you can say that the economic situation or other political factors have pushed back or postponed those milestones. I respect people who want (or already did!) to get marry, have kids, buy a house, and so on, before their thirties, but the truth is that many of us want to continue living in this “extended adolescence” as some ‘experts’ have labeled it. Another truth, however, is that we know that we don’t want to follow those ‘traditional’ milestones, yet our milestones are kind of stupid too.

The mid-twenties are considered a time to explore, enjoy, be adventurous and any yolo shit that you can think of. This is a fucking lie because by the time you hit 30 if you have no symbol of maturity in your life, call it money, success, stability or any other marker that society has established, then your 20s are just a long-ass period of wasted time. Yeah, congrats you’ve traveled a lot, you’re so cultural, you have seen so many exotic faces, you’ve read so many awesome books in your never-ending studies, you’ve gone to so many cool concerts, your instagram photos are super popular, and your selfies are so hot, you’re so connected with the earth and any other element, yet you have nothing. Yeah, N O T H I N G.

When I say I “don’t care”, I really care. But this time, I really don’t care about money, success,  super creative/innovative or any other shitty marker of stability we mid-twenties have or have not. The thing is that we have nothing inside of us. And that’s what hurts every time I see your life being published on a social network. And that’s what hurts every time I go to bed. We have been evading, not enjoying. Our real life has never been real.