Chapter 2: Love at First Sight

Marx. Cuba. Che Guevara. Colonization. Gender discrimination. Globalization. Hegemony. Oppression. Diversity. Social Justice. Chomsky. Religion. Global Citizen. White Supremacy. Imperialism. I don’t regret my post-secondary education. Although the past years of unemployment and… Continue reading

Chapter 1: My Mexican O.C.

One of the first assignments I got in my Canadian (multicultural) university was to write a profile about a classmate. I don’t remember who interviewed who first. Yet, I remember thinking after hearing… Continue reading

“UNEDITED” : Intro (2)

One of the few things I’ve learnt in many of my writing courses is the famous literary rule “show, don’t tell.” First, I’ve never understood how to do that. Maybe that’s why I’m… Continue reading